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What To Do if You’re Injured By a Driverless Car (Or In a Driverless Car)

If you spend any time on San Francisco roadways, you’ve seen an odd sight: cars driving with no humans inside. These are driverless cars, usually owned by Waymo (a Google subsidiary) or Cruise (owned by General Motors).  Recently we all got a chuckle when one of these cars failed to detect freshly poured wet concrete and drove right into...

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Steps to Take After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver in California

Being in any car accident can be scary but being hit by a drunk driver can be particularly traumatic and devastating. Once the initial shock wears off and you assess your injuries and damage, you might feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused, and even angry. It’s ok; this is all normal. Having somewhere to turn for advice on the steps to...

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Will Insurance Rates Be Affected by Uninsured Motorist Claims?

In California, the land of golden beaches and winding roads, driving has become integral to our daily lives. However, with this privilege comes a responsibility to ensure road safety for everyone. Unfortunately, not all drivers abide by this responsibility, leading to accidents involving uninsured motorists. When an uninsured driver is at fault in an accident, you may wonder how...

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Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims and Coverage

We often tell new clients that the most important advice we can give them, apart and separate from our prosecution of their claim, is to buy as much uninsured/under-insured motorist insurance coverage as they can afford. This is to protect themselves as fully as possible from losses from an automobile accident caused by another driver who has no insurance,...

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How Does Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Work in California?

About 16% of all drivers in California are uninsured. (See https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-uninsured-motorists). Of those who carry liability insurance, a majority carry only the state minimum coverage of $15,000 per injured person (this will go up to $25,000 in 2025). If you are in an accident where you are badly injured, the odds are good there will be no coverage or...

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Who Is at Fault When a Car Accident Occurs in a Construction Zone?

Construction zone accidents are some of the most serious types of crashes that can happen on our highways. One of the reasons that these types of crashes are so bad is that you often have drivers speeding and going in a confined lane—all while construction workers are walking and working in and around the site. But sometimes the cause...

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Average Settlement for a Bicycle Accident in California 

When a driver hits a bicyclist, the results can be catastrophic. In most collisions, the bicyclist cannot withstand a vehicle’s force upon impact. The result is a damaged bicycle and severe and sometimes fatal injuries to the bicyclist. If you or someone you know suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, you deserve to recover compensation from the at-fault driver....

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What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in California 

I was hit by a car as a pedestrian; what do I do? This is a question most of us hope to never have to ask. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents continue to happen despite the benefits of walking as a form of exercise or transportation. In 2022, 504 Californians were involved in fatal accidents with cars. While this number reflects...

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Catastrophic Injury vs. Personal Injury Cases

Suffering injuries due to an accident is always traumatic. However, some injuries are worse than others, falling into the catastrophic category. Within personal injury law, there is a question of whether an accident led to a catastrophic injury.  A difference between a catastrophic injury case and a personal injury case may be relevant for compensation amounts. However, making the...

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Choosing an Affordable Personal Injury Lawyer in San Francisco

Pursuing a personal injury claim is often a complicated process. Injured victims need a legal advocate on their side. Understandably, they might be worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer. However, many people do not realize how affordable a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco can be.  When a negligent party causes injury to someone, contact the Law...

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