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  • A friend recommended Chuck Geerhart. It was an excellent recommendation.

    As a British journalist, recently based in San Francisco and without medical insurance, things seemed pretty messy after I found myself in an airport shuttle, driven by a lunatic, who struck a parked cab. I had to go to hospital, who diagnosed a head injury – as, later, did a neurologist – but the shuttle company’s insurance company continually balked at paying the bills.

    A friend recommended Chuck Geerhart. It was an excellent recommendation. He was a great lawyer to have on my side, persistent in his battles with the insurance company, supportive of his client and a pleasure to work with, resolving the claim with the minimum of fuss.

  • Chuck made sure I was fairly compensated for this life altering injury.

    I was working as an air traffic controller at SFO when a notoriously faulty elevator slammed to a stop between floors, throwing me against the wall and rupturing discs in my neck. I had to have major surgery on my neck. The City and the elevator maintenance company denied liability, until Chuck Geerhart obtained copies of all prior repair records which showed the elevator was continually resetting due to a power supply issue.

    During the discovery phase of the case, to protect my privacy rights, he filed a motion with court to block a subpoena issued by the defense that sought to obtain my complete confidential employment file and complete health history in violation of the law. We ultimately settled the case for $1,000,000 after mediation.

    I feel that Chuck did a great job making sure I was fairly compensated for this life-altering injury.

  • Chuck Geerhart dealt with my case in the most humane way I could imagine.

    I was fortunate to have been referred to Chuck Geerhart when I was dealing with a very painful and tragic case of abuse by religious leadership, which was stretched over five years.
    Chuck Geerhart dealt with my case in the most humane way I could imagine. He was intelligent and strategic in his approach, always very communicative; an attentive ear, fearless and confident support for someone who was very confused and seeking answers where there were only walls. He always involved me in the process, sharing crucial information with me and allowing me the time and space to decide and move forward. He treated me like a partner, which helped me recover the power that was taken away from me.
    At the same time he provided the professional expertise which I needed in order to win the case. The process of winning this case was as empowering as the actual outcome. It was a healing experience in itself. I am very happy with the support and guidance I got from Chuck as well as with the monetary result from such a serious injury. It has truly helped me move on in a good way.

$9 Million Settlement
Daughter and Parents of Decedent v. Insurance and Towing Companies
$5 Million Settlement
Client struck by a commercial vehicle and suffered serious leg injuries.
$5 Million Settlement
Client struck by a commercial vehicle and suffered serious leg injuries.
$9 Million Settlement
Daughter and Parents of Decedent v. Insurance and Towing Companies

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Chuck Geerhart was admitted to the California bar in 1989, and is a graduate of Cornell University and the UCLA Law School. He has tried 16 cases to jury verdict. He has also sat as a juror in three cases in San Francisco County. Chuck is a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFTLA), and will be SFTLA President in 2022. Chuck is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), an invitation-only organization of premier trial lawyers who have tried at least 10 jury cases to verdict.

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Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Won’t Take Your Case

Dealing with a personal injury is hard, regardless of the circumstances. If you didn’t cause the injury, it’s even harder. Filing a personal injury claim is a difficult but necessary part of the process. Many people have never had to file a legal claim before, so it’s hard to know where and how to start that process.  Once you identify a few attorneys and start to talk to them, you can typically get the ball rolling on your claim. But what do you do if one, two, or more attorneys decline to take on your case? What to Do When Your Lawyer Drops Your Case It isn’t always easy to know what to do when your lawyer drops your case. Still, if you want to recover the damages you are owed, you have to press on. The best thing you can do in this situation is talk to the attorney about why they dropped the case. Only after you know why can you take steps to mitigate the issues surrounding your case. One thing you should always ask yourself when a lawyer drops your case is, Do I have a personal injury case? You may think you have a claim, but if more than one lawyer is able to poke sufficient holes of doubt in your case, you may not have a valid personal injury claim. In any case, the way forward is the same: seek more information to see if there is something in your power that will make your case more attractive to personal injury attorneys. No Lawyer Will Take My Case: Common Reasons Why Attorneys Don’t Take Cases There are about a million different reasons why a given personal injury lawyer would decline a given case. That’s far too many to fit into any reasonable list, so here are a few reasons why personal injury lawyers typically drop or deny claims: They have too heavy a caseload already; The specifics of the personal injury claim lay outside their level of experience or expertise; Lack of evidence showing negligence; Lack of evidence showing fault; The statute of limitations expired; The lawyer has a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest in taking the claim; There is not enough financial incentive in the claim to justify the work that would go into litigation; and The plaintiff and the attorney cannot agree on how to best pursue the claim. As you can see, the number of different reasons why an attorney might reject a given claim is quite broad. That’s why it’s so important to figure out why they denied your claim. If they are simply too busy, there’s probably nothing wrong with your case. However, if there’s a fatal flaw with your claim—for example, the deadline for filing the claim has passed—you may find yourself out of luck. Recent Personal Injury Related Articles How to Get a Lawyer to Take Your Case If you are having trouble finding an attorney to take on your personal injury claim, you may feel like giving up. If you find yourself feeling this way, don’t give up yet. There is still hope to find another attorney to take your case. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a one size fits all answer on how to get a lawyer to take your case. All personal injury cases are different, so it’s impossible for us to know exactly how to get a lawyer to take your case. Similarly, different lawyers have different reasons for turning down a case. Thus, figuring out how to get a lawyer to take your case requires you to take a step back and figure out what’s going on with your case that makes it less attractive to attorneys.  Talk to the Attorneys The best way to figure out why attorneys aren’t taking your case is to ask them why. If multiple attorneys cite the same reason, then it’s probably something to pay attention to. If the problem that the attorneys cite is a fixable problem, like a lack of evidence, you can take time to try to collect more evidence. Better yet, you can ask how to go about fixing the issue (if it is fixable).  Alternatively, if an attorney rejects your case because they are too busy or lack the requisite experience to help with your specific injury, all you need to do is try with a different attorney. The personal injury lawyer who is too busy can often help connect you with one of their respected colleagues. Let Us Help You with Your Claim Whether you have already discussed your claim with other attorneys or are seeking a consultation for the first time, we at The Law Office of Chuck Geerhart can help you. We’ll listen to your story and go through the basics with you to see if we are the right fit for your individual claim. Too often, large law firms take on as many cases as they can. They often get good results, but we find we get better results. How? Because we take on only a limited number of cases. That way, we ensure that your claim gets the personal attention it deserves. If you’re injured, you need someone to have your back. Chuck has your back, so book your consultation today!

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What to Do If You Were Injured on an International Flight

Airline accidents are among many travelers’ worst fears. We fear them for good reason. Airline accidents are particularly catastrophic compared to incidents like car accidents. Planes are bigger, much faster, and carry more passengers—so of course, they are particularly catastrophic. And consider that passenger airplanes are typically traveling between 31,000 and 36,000 feet (up to about 5 to 7 miles) above sea level. If an accident on an international flight happens, the chance of a fatality or serious injury is very high. The characteristics of air travel all but guarantee this sad reality. Most of us are familiar with the claims process after a car accident. You get in touch with insurers, negotiate with them, then file a lawsuit if necessary. While insurance companies will inevitably be involved in the event of international airline accidents, it isn’t the same process as what follows a car accident. Read on to learn more about what you should do to recover damages after experiencing an injury on an international flight. You Can Be Injured by Mishaps Other Than Crashes It’s not just catastrophic accidents that might happen. Injuries from air accidents are often caused by airline negligence. All sorts of injuries might happen when you travel on an airplane. Passengers might be injured when a plane encounters turbulence, by tripping over poorly secured items in the cabin, by falling while entering or leaving the plane, by being struck by a rolling food and beverage cart, or by having an object—such as luggage in an overhead storage bin—fall on them during flight. Depending on the circumstances, the airline or its employees may be responsible for your injury. For example, you may be able to show that the crew was not properly trained or that adequate warnings of potential dangers were not provided to passengers. If you were injured during an international flight, a personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate what legal options are available to you.  Consult with an International Flight Accident Attorney If you were ever in a car accident before, this step probably looks familiar. Really, after experiencing pretty much any sort of personal injury you aren’t responsible for, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. That way, you can take the right steps to protect yourself legally. Failing to do so could jeopardize your claim. Here are some of the most important things that a lawyer will help you with: Investigating the airline accident, Figuring out who is liable for what aspects of the damages you suffered, Taking note of all of the damages you suffered, Placing a value on the entirety of your damages so you can fully recover from the accident, Documenting your damages with verifiable evidence, Connecting you with the right medical professionals to treat your specific injuries, Sending legal notice to the responsible parties, Filing a lawsuit in court, Negotiating on your behalf, Taking point on all communications surrounding your claim, and Acting as your ally and advocate in any way necessary. Your lawyer can help you with just about any aspect of your claim. At the end of the day, your lawyer is your ally and advocate. Whatever it is that you need to help make your claim a success, your lawyer’s job is to answer that need.  What Laws Are Relevant to International Air Travel? From a general perspective, the types of laws that will apply to liability in international air travel are general liability rules. Typically, an airline injury claimant will need to hold an airline accountable based on negligence liability. However, other times product liability, which is looked at from a strict liability perspective, applies. Which type of liability applies to your case will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. Sometimes, both will apply. You may seek to hold a manufacturer responsible for a faulty component of a plane using strict product liability rules. Or you may want to hold the airline or a specific staff member responsible based on negligent liability. Again, it all depends on your case’s specific facts and circumstances. Aside from general rules governing liability for accidents, there are other relevant laws to keep in mind. Notably, there are international rules that apply to international air accidents caused by airlines. International law is applicable because, by definition, international air travel is itself international. The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, more commonly known as The Warsaw Agreement or but the initials IATA, governs liability for international airline accidents. Recent Case Result by Chuck Geerhart $4.15 Million Settlement For Passenger Who Had a Stroke An airline passenger had a stroke on an international flight. The airline failed to take proper steps to get medical help or land the plane promptly. John wound up in a persistent vegetative state due to prolonged bleeding in the brain. View More Case Results The Law Office of Chuck Geerhart Has the International Airline Litigation Experience You Need Unfortunately, without hearing more about your specific case, there isn’t much we can tell you to do after your international airline accident. Of course, contacting an experienced attorney is something you should do as soon as possible after any accident—not just an international air travel accident. Your lawyer is there to help, but they can only do so when you ask for help. Luckily, our team at the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart has the experience to help you successfully recover the money you are due. You didn’t cause the accident, so why should you have to pay for it? At the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart, we’ll make sure you don’t have to pay for it. We’ll give your case the attention it deserves. That’s what we do. That’s how we achieve exceptional results. Book a consultation with us today!  

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