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Unfortunately for the injured client, the injuries that result in the largest settlements and jury verdicts are also the most severe.

If you have been severely injured in a catastrophic accident, contact our catastrophic injury attorney at The Law Office of Chuck Geerhart today.

California Catastrophic Injury Statistics

Eighty-five percent of all people with head injuries (including closed head injuries) make a good recovery.

However, the other 15% are not so lucky: they suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI), and they often require lifelong medical care and suffer the loss of lifetime earnings.

Insurance carriers fight brain injury cases ferociously because of their size, and you need a good lawyer on your side to recover the full damages to which you are entitled.

In some accidents, the injured victim suffers an injury to the spinal cord, the bony vertebrae surrounding the cord, or the discs in between vertebrae.  

What Is Considered A Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury refers to a severe and often life-altering physical or neurological injury that has profound and lasting effects on an individual’s overall well-being, functional capabilities, and quality of life.

These injuries typically result from accidents, such as car crashes, falls, or workplace incidents, and can lead to long-term or permanent disabilities, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, multiple amputations, or paralysis.

Catastrophic injuries often necessitate extensive medical treatment, ongoing rehabilitation, specialized care, and adaptive equipment to help the affected person regain a sense of independence and functionality.

The significant and enduring impact of catastrophic injuries underscores the need for comprehensive support and resources to assist both the injured individual and their family in coping with the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that arise.

They will hire aggressive lawyers and doctors to claim the injured innocent victim is not hurt very badly, or at all.  You need solid legal representation to fight for your side of the case.

Sadly, we have represented some clients with the worst injuries imaginable, including leg degloving injuries, paralysis, brain injury, untreated stroke, severe fractures requiring surgeries, 3rd-degree burns, and loss of a testicle.

If you have faced life-altering injuries after an accident due to someone else’s negligent actions, we are ready to fight for you.

Recent Case Settlement:

FACTS: Woman rendered paraplegic in a rollover accident. I established insurance coverage in a policy covering her for being on a church outreach mission at the time.

RESULTS: $1 million settlement. 

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We approach every case with compassion for our client, and a steadfast desire to do the very best we can to obtain a settlement or trial judgment that reflects the full value of the harm to the client, including full recovery for medical bills, wage loss (past and future) and pain and suffering. Our results speak for themselves.

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  • A friend recommended Chuck Geerhart. It was an excellent recommendation.

    As a British journalist, recently based in San Francisco and without medical insurance, things seemed pretty messy after I found myself in an airport shuttle, driven by a lunatic, who struck a parked cab. I had to go to hospital, who diagnosed a head injury – as, later, did a neurologist – but the shuttle company’s insurance company continually balked at paying the bills.

    A friend recommended Chuck Geerhart. It was an excellent recommendation. He was a great lawyer to have on my side, persistent in his battles with the insurance company, supportive of his client and a pleasure to work with, resolving the claim with the minimum of fuss.

  • Chuck made sure I was fairly compensated for this life altering injury.

    I was working as an air traffic controller at SFO when a notoriously faulty elevator slammed to a stop between floors, throwing me against the wall and rupturing discs in my neck. I had to have major surgery on my neck. The City and the elevator maintenance company denied liability, until Chuck Geerhart obtained copies of all prior repair records which showed the elevator was continually resetting due to a power supply issue.

    During the discovery phase of the case, to protect my privacy rights, he filed a motion with court to block a subpoena issued by the defense that sought to obtain my complete confidential employment file and complete health history in violation of the law. We ultimately settled the case for $1,000,000 after mediation.

    I feel that Chuck did a great job making sure I was fairly compensated for this life-altering injury.

  • Chuck Geerhart dealt with my case in the most humane way I could imagine.

    I was fortunate to have been referred to Chuck Geerhart when I was dealing with a very painful and tragic case of abuse by religious leadership, which was stretched over five years.
    Chuck Geerhart dealt with my case in the most humane way I could imagine. He was intelligent and strategic in his approach, always very communicative; an attentive ear, fearless and confident support for someone who was very confused and seeking answers where there were only walls. He always involved me in the process, sharing crucial information with me and allowing me the time and space to decide and move forward. He treated me like a partner, which helped me recover the power that was taken away from me.
    At the same time he provided the professional expertise which I needed in order to win the case. The process of winning this case was as empowering as the actual outcome. It was a healing experience in itself. I am very happy with the support and guidance I got from Chuck as well as with the monetary result from such a serious injury. It has truly helped me move on in a good way.