Examples of My Work

At the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart, I work hard to achieve positive outcomes for my clients. I’m proud of the results and will continue to fight for my clients well into the future. I encourage you to browse the featured case results below to get a sense of the quality of my representation.

$5 Million Settlement
John Doe v. White Corp.
Client struck by a commercial vehicle and suffered serious leg injuries.
$9 Million Settlement
Family v. Insurance & Towing Companies
Tow truck company lost control of car, which rolled downhill and killed 34-year-old woman. I represented her 4-year-old daughter and parents in lawsuit against the towing company and the insurance carrier that arranged for the tow.
$4.15 Million Settlement
Airline passenger who had a stroke on an international flight. Airline failed to take proper steps to get medical help or land the plane promptly. John wound up in persistent vegetative state due to prolonged bleeding in brain.
$2.5 Million Jury Verdict
Woman who suffered a perforated esophagus from a 1.2" chicken bone in a Round Table Pizza, and underwent 13 surgeries.
$2 Million Settlement
John Doe v. City of Oakland
Client struck by a city truck and suffered serious personal injuries, requiring multiple surgeries.
$1.25 Million Settlement
Car took left turn in front of client's motorcycle on Portola Drive in SF, causing brain injury. Defense alleged motorcycle was speeding, and client did not remember the crash. We retained an accident reconstruction engineer who proved that my client was not speeding and could not have avoided the accident.
$1 Million Settlement
Federal air traffic controller who was injured when poorly maintained elevator stopped abruptly, rupturing discs in her neck and requiring surgery.
$1 Million Settlement
Tenant who suffered severe smoke inhalation and went into a coma because her landlord did not have adequate smoke detectors.
$1 Million Settlement
Woman who suffered degloving injuries to her leg when a truck took a right turn and struck her electric scooter.
$1 Million Settlement
Woman rendered paraplegic in a rollover accident. I established insurance coverage in a policy covering her for being on a church outreach mission at the time.
$960,000 Settlement
53-year-old woman who shattered her ankle in fall caused by a defective doorway landing step in her Marin County apartment. She had multiple surgeries.
$950,000 Settlement
A victim of childhood sexual abuse by a Southern California priest.
$775,000 Settlement
A 52-year-old woman with terminal cancer who was rendered paraplegic by the failure of a hospital and neurologist to properly take and follow up on a MRI scan of her spine.
$775,000 Settlement
Truck struck a young mother pushing her infant in stroller in crosswalk, breaking her pelvis. (Infant was OK thankfully)
$633,000 Settlement
John Doe (confidential)
Ride-sharing vehicle hit pedestrian, breaking his hip and requiring surgery.
$300,000 Settlement
John Doe (confidential)
Ride-sharing vehicle hit pedestrian, causing serious knee injury.
$450,000 Settlement
60-year-old man who developed ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) after a head on collision. Defense vigorously disputed medical causation.
$416,000 Settlement
A victim of childhood sexual abuse by a San Francisco priest.
$350,000 Settlement
A 32-year-old messenger who was badly injured in a freeway accident
$350,000 Settlement
Union member injured on the job (movie set) when 3rd-party driver ran over his foot, requiring surgery.
$350,000 Settlement
A grandmother whose leg was broken by police allegedly chasing after her grandson.
$322,000 Jury Verdict
A 60-year-old woman who suffered a shattered elbow and underwent two surgeries after she fell at a trade show from a motor home with a defectively low handrail. The company raised the handrail to a safe level in direct response to this lawsuit. I tried this case before an Alameda County jury to a successful verdict.
$280,000 Settlement
An 86-year-old passenger in a car rear-ended by another car.
$275,000 Settlement
A 40-year-old-woman who fell down an improperly lit stairway and broke her hip, requiring surgery. I proved that the owner lied under oath about receiving prior complaints about lighting.
$100,000 Jury Verdict
A 58-year-old woman who was knocked to the pavement by careless owners' unleashed dogs, resulting in a broken ankle and surgery. I tried this case before a Contra Costa County jury to a successful verdict.
$22,000 Jury Verdict
A young woman falsely arrested and injured by Safeway security guards. I tried this case to a successful court verdict of $22,000, which was upheld on appeal.
$150,000 Settlement
Product liability case: man who suffered severe eye injury when the hook on a new bungee cord separated and the cord snapped into his eye.
$100,000 Settlement
A 25-year-old deliveryman who fell down a poorly maintained, wet staircase.
$160,000 at First Day of Trial Settlement
A 27-year-old warehouseman who injured his neck while pulling a pallet jack with a defective weld that broke.
$100,000 Settlement
A 64-year-old teacher who tripped and fell on a poorly marked sidewalk excavation project.
$105,000 Settlement
A 58-year-old consultant who tripped and fell on an aging, neglected carpet seam in an office setting.
$175,000 Settlement
A 19-year-old student whose mother was killed by a drunk driver. There was inadequate insurance, and I obtained an additional $75,000 in personal funds from the drunk driver.
$265,000 Settlement
A 53-year-old pedestrian struck by a motorcycle in a bicycle lane on Valencia Street.
$135,000 Settlement
John Doe (confidential)
A 44-year-old man whose jaw was broken by a store security guard simply because he was panhandling on the sidewalk.
$230,000 Settlement
A 35-year-old truck driver who was arrested and informed the police he was taking antibiotics for a testicle infection. His jailers denied him adequate medical care and antibiotics, and he lost his testicle.