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Who Is at Fault When a Car Accident Occurs in a Construction Zone?

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car accident in construction zone

Construction zone accidents are some of the most serious types of crashes that can happen on our highways.

One of the reasons that these types of crashes are so bad is that you often have drivers speeding and going in a confined lane—all while construction workers are walking and working in and around the site.

But sometimes the cause of the dangerous condition that causes a car or truck crash is the actions of the construction workers or the contractor.

In this article, the car accident lawyers at the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart will discuss the various causes of construction zone auto accidents.

Reckless Drivers Cause Car Accident in Construction Zone

Most construction zone accidents are caused by reckless and negligent drivers. On most sections of highways in the United States, the speed limit can be 65 mph or even 75 mph.

Despite there usually being ample notice of construction sites on highways with signs and warnings and orange cones, there are still car crashes caused by drivers who don’t slow down.

This is despite the fact that speeding fines and punishment are doubled if a driver is caught speeding in a construction zone. 

Drivers are required to lower their speed because the one through lane significantly narrows in construction zones. There is just not much wiggle room or room for error.

So, if someone is driving too fast and makes just a simple mistake, they can cause a crash, putting themselves at risk for serious injury, occupants of other vehicles, as well as the construction workers.

Every year there are several work-related deaths of highway construction workers due to the negligence of drivers.

Roadway Construction Crews May Cause Accidents

If there is a construction zone accident, there is a chance that the crash was caused by the construction workers or the construction company.

Highway construction companies and construction site workers have a very high standard to meet in setting up and working in highway construction zones.

If there is a mistake somehow, many people’s lives are certainly at risk, including their own.

There are many ways that highway construction workers can be held responsible for a car or truck crash, but the following are the most common we see in our construction zone accident law practice:

  • Failure to properly warn motorists of upcoming construction zones;
  • Dangerous construction zone configurations such as too narrow driving lanes, sudden lane shifting, or large bumps on the roadway;
  • Failure to properly train workers on safe and effective highway construction safety protocols and procedures;
  • Risky and reckless use of construction vehicles and equipment that could potentially block the roadway; and
  • Construction equipment left in the roadway.

With many of these crashes, the actual cause can be difficult to determine because they tend to be very fact-specific.

It’s important to hire a law firm that focuses their practice on representing seriously injured victims in construction accidents.

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