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Choosing an Affordable Personal Injury Lawyer in San Francisco

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Chuck Geerhart
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Pursuing a personal injury claim is often a complicated process. Injured victims need a legal advocate on their side.

Understandably, they might be worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer.

However, many people do not realize how affordable a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco can be. 

When a negligent party causes injury to someone, contact the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart for assistance.

Chuck Geerhart has decades of experience representing injured victims in San Francisco in all types of personal injury cases.

Personal Injury Lawyers Working On A Contingency Fee Basis

Most personal injury law firms work on a contingency fee agreement. This agreement type means the injured victim won’t pay anything upfront or any hourly legal fees.

Instead, the San Francisco personal injury attorney will take a percentage of their client’s settlement or trial award. Personal injury lawyer contingency fee agreements make hiring a lawyer affordable in San Francisco.

With a contingency fee, the client’s attorney will explain the fee arrangement and what percentage applies.

For example, the attorney might take 33% of the client’s case if it resolves before litigation. If the case goes to trial, the attorney might take 45%.

Each law firm has its own contingency fee arrangement; it is not a set amount across the industry. It might vary based on the type of case as well.

For example, cases involving defective products or medical malpractice can be more technical and time-consuming when compared to an auto accident claim.  

Law firms also typically advance related costs and legal fees, such as court filing fees, document requests, expert fees, etc.

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How to Find an Affordable San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury attorney in San Francisco requires some preparation. Meeting with a few firms is best. Before meeting with each attorney, prospective clients should have a list of questions ready. 

One of the most important questions should be about the billing arrangement. By having a list of questions prepared, there will be no surprises regarding the fee agreement.

During an initial consultation, injured parties should ask whether the firm has a contingency fee arrangement and the applicable rates for resolving the case—before and after litigation.  

If a personal injury attorney does not work on contingency, the client will be responsible for all hourly billing fees and case costs.

Paying hourly legal fees could add up quickly, making hiring a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco rather expensive.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco

When an injured party needs legal representation, the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart is ready to help.

Chuck has over 30 years of experience assisting injured victims in getting the maximum compensation they deserve.

Personal injury claims can be complicated, which is why his priority is to protect an injured victim’s legal rights in California.

Chuck only handles less than 20 cases at any given time to ensure that each client gets his undivided attention.

Injured victims should contact the Law Office of Chuck Geerhart to schedule a consultation and learn more about how affordable a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco can be.

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