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Average Settlements for Broken Leg After a Car Accident

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broken leg after car accident settlement

Car accidents can cause a lot of different injuries. Broken bones are common after getting into a serious car crash.

When you break your leg in a car accident, it can affect your life significantly.

A bad leg break can keep you from working and even put you in a wheelchair and crutches for months.

Many broken legs require surgery to repair with screws and plates to keep the bones together.

If you have suffered a broken leg from car accident, you’re entitled to compensation for that injury.

A good question to ask your experienced car accident attorney is how much compensation for a broken leg can you expect?

This article will discuss the average settlement for a broken leg and how that amount is determined in each case.

How Are Case Values Determined?

It takes an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney to consider all the factors that go into coming up with a fair case value.

The bottom line is that every case and every injury is unique. Even clients with the same injury could have different-valued cases because the same injury could affect someone differently than another.

For example, take two clients who suffered bad breaks in their legs. The breaks were in the same general location and of the same severity.

But one client stands all day at work while the other works behind a desk.

Obviously, one person is going to be out of work for weeks, possibly months. But the other can likely return to work within a week or so.

The lost wages that the one client experiences will make the settlement value of his case higher than the other client.

Here are the factors that a skilled attorney will consider when determining a car accident case value:

  • The amount of medical treatment and unpaid medical bills, including the potential for future treatment;
  • The amount of unpaid wage loss and potential future wage loss and lowered earning capacity due to an ongoing disability;
  • The amount of pain and suffering the person had to endure due to months of physical therapy, the necessity of surgery, permanent disfiguring scars, and long-term residual pain from internal scar tissue;
  • A loss of consortium claim that the spouse of the injured person can claim;
  • Whether the at-fault driver was clearly at fault or if there is evidence that they can argue makes them not-at-fault; and
  • The county where the case is located.

The case’s location is important because car accident cases have a higher value in metropolitan areas than in rural areas.

For example, a calcaneus fracture settlement amount is going to be higher for a car accident that happens in San Francisco as compared to one of the more rural counties in California.

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