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How to File a Wage Loss Claim After a Car Accident in California

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lost wages due to car accident

After missing work due to a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages.

Car accidents often leave victims facing severe injuries that leave them unable to work.

Permanent injuries may leave you unable to perform the same job you had before—or even work at all. 

If you lost wages from car accident, you may wonder how to recover these losses.

Contact the California car accident lawyers at The Law Office of Chuck Geerhart to discuss how to recover your lost wages. 

What Are Lost Wages?

In California, lost wages define all amounts someone earned from work had they not been injured.

Lost wages include the following: 

  • Regular pay–including hourly or salary,
  • Overtime pay, 
  • Vacation days,
  • Personal days, and
  • Sick days.

Those employed by a company may find it easier to recover compensation for lost wages because there may be more evidence to support the claim.

Unfortunately, self-employed workers or those working on a contract basis may find it more difficult to prove lost wages.

Self-employed workers must maintain their own records and may receive less predictable wages than others.

However, this does not mean your case is hopeless. Speak with an attorney to explore your options. 

Will Car Insurance Pay for Missed Work?

When missing work due to a car accident, you may only get compensation if you show the following:

  • You were in a car accident,
  • Someone else is at fault, 
  • You suffered injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies may aggressively deny you compensation for lost wages.

Without an attorney fighting for your rights, you may lose out on getting the vital compensation to which you’re entitled.  

How to Claim Lost Wages From Car Accident

You may be wondering how to claim lost wages from car accident. Proving lost wages from car accident requires extensive proof.

Maintain all records related to your employment, including the following:

  • Past tax returns, 
  • Past paychecks, 
  • W-2’s,
  • Employer vacation and sick day policy, and 
  • Documentation proving missed work.

Upon reviewing your case, your personal injury attorney may ask you to provide additional information to support your claim.

When it comes to proving financial losses, tangible evidence best supports this type of claim. Therefore, maintain all records—even if you think it’s unimportant. 

How Are Lost Wages Calculated?

A calculation of lost wages depends on the particular facts of a case. Your attorney may consider the following questions when determining the lost wages you may be entitled to receive, including: 

  • How much work did you miss? 
  • What type of benefits did you miss out on while recovering from your injuries? 
  • Is your ability to earn future income affected by your injury?

Once a settlement is finalized, you can never recover additional damages related to your accident.

Your personal injury attorney negotiates with the insurance company to ensure you don’t accept a settlement offer that fails to compensate you for your lost wages. 

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