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How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me 

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How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me 

If you suffered injuries in an accident, it’s vital to find an experienced personal injury attorney who gets results and listens to your needs and concerns.

With a wealth of information at our fingertips, the search may seem straightforward and simple.

However, searching for an attorney can be overwhelming.

Read on to learn more about the tools you can use for “how to find the best personal injury lawyer near me” in San Francisco. 

Online Searches 

Entering “California personal injury lawyer near me” or “best personal injury lawyer near me” into a search engine can yield pages of results.

As you click on each result, begin compiling a list after you review each attorney’s website.  

Online Legal Directories 

Online legal directories like Avvo, Lawyers.com, FindLaw, and Martindale can also assist in a search for a personal injury attorney.

Most of these sites allow past clients to review the attorneys listed and can help you learn more about each choice.

You may also cross-reference the list you started from your online search with the information you obtain from the legal directories and see if this helps you gain more information about the right attorney for you. 


If your friends, family, and colleagues have had any experience with a personal injury attorney, they can also offer a wealth of information about their experience.

A personal testimonial from a trusted acquaintance can often provide the most valuable information in your search for the right attorney. 

Where Can I Learn More About the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me? 

Once you have a list compiled of potential attorneys you may be interested in retaining, it can be helpful to research these choices in greater detail through the following information and resources available.

Online Reviews 

Read online reviews carefully and with perspective. In most personal injury cases, there is a victim and an adversary.

Remember that some attorneys may receive negative reviews from individuals who were not even their clients.

It’s essential to read the five-star and one-star reviews, if any, to see if you can get a feel for the attorney and their professionalism. 

California State Bar Website 

The California State Bar website extends insight into a potential attorney. You can learn about their education, office location, and whether they hold any focus in any area of law.

An attorney’s profile also reveals whether they have ever been subject to disciplinary action by the California State Bar. 


Answering the inquiry, “how to find a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco,” whether by online search or referral, requires a final step of meeting them in person.

An interview helps you see how a potential lawyer interacts with their clients and can make it easier to determine whether their personality matches yours.

Feeling at ease and comfortable with the attorney you eventually retain is vital.

If an attorney listens to your worries and puts you at ease while also displaying their knowledge of personal injury law, you may feel you have found the right attorney for you.

Personal injury cases can be complex and lengthy. Avoiding personality clashes is key to avoiding any unnecessary stress and headaches as your case moves toward settlement or trial. 


Most personal injury cases operate on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee agreement means that your attorney only gets paid if they obtain a judgment or settlement in your case.

Be careful to read the fine print of any agreement. Most contingency fee agreements take anywhere from 33% to 40% of a total settlement or judgment. 

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